What kind of Maintenance is required for my roof?

What kind of Maintenance is required for my roof?

As Einstein pointed out – “everything is relative.”  Maintenance is relative to what type of roof you have, where you live, and what type of tree’s and weather conditions are around your house.

Here is your basic principle: The faster water gets off your roof – the better.

The less obstructions on the roof created by debris or other materials the less water will flow from side to side, dam, or pool on the roof surface.  Here are some maintenance tips:

  1. Keep the roof and gutters clean of debris such as leaves, pine needles, dirt, moss etc….
  2. Flashing’s, skylights, fireplaces, cricket flashing’s, valleys, and side wall metal are very susceptible to leaks due to debris.  Especially keep these area’s clean.

Picture: Example of leaves and debris settled behind a turret.

debris at turret

What if you have a tile roof, steep roof, or are unable to climb on your own roof to keep it clean?

Call your roofing contractor and have them send a representative to do some type of regular maintenance.  Some houses may only need maintenance on an “as needed” basis, and others may need a seasonal or yearly maintenance

During maintenance the roof can be cleaned and checked for broken tiles, or torn and damaged shingles, or damages from tree branches or animals.  Also, “critical” area’s such as the area’s discussed above can be thoroughly cleaned out.

According to the Portland Cement Association (www.concretehomes.com) concrete tile roofs are designed to last the lifetime of your home, but in order to maintain and protect your new tile roof from weather and debris damage a yearly visual inspection by a licensed (C-39) roofing contractor is recommended. After periods of high winds, earthquake, or extensive hail, a visual inspection of the roof should be made to ensure that there are no cracked, broken, or loose tiles needing replacement. Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. does provide roofing assessments for a service call charge which includes a full visual inspection of your roof.

For repairs and maintenance, feel free to contact Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. for a quote today!  (916)357-5930 or email us at info@BrazilQualityRoofing.com.

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