Solar And Energy Solutions

Solar And Energy Solutions

Solar/Energy Efficiency

Brazil Quality offers a number of GREEN Energy Solution Options that are available to you – the homeowner or home builder. Energy Solutions range from P.V. Solar installations to properly ventilating your home. Go to our Contact Us page to have a sales representative contact you about saving money on your energy bills. We are interested in exploring environment friendly Energy Solutions with you!
P.V. Solar Installations

P.V. Solar Installations

Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. has worked closely with local home builders, custom home builders, and homeowners with the goal of harnessing the power of the sun to lower electricity costs with P.V. Solar panels. We are proudly a part of the first “Zero Energy Community” in Sacramento, as well as roofing the first solar community in Roseville, and Yuba City. (Link

Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. has roofed P.V. Solar installations in Northern California since the 1990’s. You can look to us for the highest quality installation of your P.V. solar panels with proper solar array, layout, and flashing details for all styles of roofing material. Not only do we want your panels to save you energy, but when you choose Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. as your roofing contractor for your Solar Project you are assured of proper installation in your new or existing roof.

Ventilation Solutions

Proper – balanced – ventilation should not be underestimated in a roofing project. Ventilation allows your attic to breathe removing natural moisture build up in your attic. Proper ventilation keeps the house cool in the summer by circulating the hot air out of the attic. Ventilation solutions are a typically inexpensive way to enhance energy savings by reducing cooling costs.

“Cool Roofs”

A cool roof is a roofing material that effectively reflects the sun’s energy from the roof surface. (A lighter color roof or lighter color pigments will reflect heat more effectively versus darker color’s or pigments.) A commission called the CRRC rates different materials as to their reflective properties. Contact Us about the different Cool Roofing options we offer from different material manufacturer’s and make your next roof a “Cool Roof.”

Energy Efficient Options:

Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. also offers other energy efficient options such as the “MonierLifetile Energy Efficient Roof”. (link) Click on the link to view the brochure. We also offer Radiant Barrier options specific to your roof.

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