Should I Sheet (sheath) my roof? Why?

Should I Sheet (sheath) my roof? Why?

Simple answer: YES!

Always create a solid roof deck to install a concrete tile roof over!

Watch out! Many roofing contractors claim to have alternate methods of roofing tile. Many of these alternate methods involve installing a tile roof over skipped sheeting by various methods. Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. recommends following the industry standard for tile roofing. The industry standard for concrete tile roofing can be found from the Tile Roof Institute. Experts from basically every tile manufacturer get together and make recommendations on how to properly install concrete and clay tile roofs in moderate and extreme climates. Click the link below to see the TRI book. A copy of the TRI book is available upon request from your Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. sales representative. Here is a list of some of the tile roofing manufacturers who collaborate in TRI:

When you get a copy of the book you will quickly notice thatin nearly every detail page for installing a tile roof; a properly fastened, smooth, solid roof deck is shown as the foundation of your tile roof.

Better for Repairs

Take note of the industry standard. Any and every roofer is familiar with a tile roof over a solid sheeted roof deck, hence, years down the road if your roofing contractor has retired, gone out of business, moved away etc…. any local contractor can come in and repair your roof, because it was roofed under the industry standard. Ask yourself this: “If there was a better more efficient way to install a tile roof over rafters, without having to solid sheet the roof; wouldn’t every home builder in the U.S. stop spending the millions or billions of dollars they spend on sheeting their roofs and switch to this new highly efficient, tried and true tested product?” You will note that most if not all builders from the least expensive to the most luxuriant custom home builders all sheet their roofs with a solid deck.

What is Skipped Sheeting? What is a Solid Deck?

A solid roof deck usually consists of 4’x8′ sheets of plywood or OSB installed over rafters on new construction homes and over skipped or spaced sheeting on re-roofs. These are to be properly spaced, supported, and fastened to the rafters as per local building codes. Thickness of OSB or plywood sheeting is to be as per local building codes.

This solid roof deck then becomes the smooth, clean surface to install your underlayment over. The underlayment installs flat to the deck, and since the deck is solid there is less likely chance of underlayment being damaged.

The roof deck now becomes a solid anchor to fasten your new roof to.

Picture of Skipped or Spaced Sheeting installed over rafters (typically found under shake roofs)

skip sheeting

Picture of Solid Sheeting (picture shows OSB sheeting)


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