Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. offers repairs, and temporary repairs.  Please call the office at (916)357-5930 to schedule your repair estimate today!

Repair FAQ:

I have a roof leak what do I do?

First you want to try and put a bucket under the dripping water so it minimizes damage to sheet rock, insulation, carpet etc….
Second, we want you to call us right away so we can schedule a repairman to come look at the leak.  Some leaks will require extensive repairs; while others need minor repairs to fix the leak.  Some leaks are an indication that your roof may need to be replaced.  Based on our inspection of your roof we will give you a recommendation.

What kind of Maintenance do you recommend?

Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. recommends regular maintenance based on your homes style.  The architecture and landscaping have a lot to do with how much debris gets on your roof and how well the debris gets itself off your roof.  Some houses need regular cleaning of valleys, crickets, hog valleys, fireplaces etc… every year.  Other houses require inspection every few years.

Do you inspect roofs?

Yes.  We have an inspection charge to come out and inspect your roof.  We cannot get on some roofs due to steep slope or other conditions that do not allow us to walk the roof and a ground inspection will be conducted on certain roofs.  If you decide to sign up for a maintenance cleaning etc…. we will give a discount on the inspection charge or waive the charge.  Please call the office for inspections and maintenance.

What do you inspect?

We will inspect for debris on the roof, gutter debris, broken or missing shingles, tiles or shakes.  We will check for debris and water dams in flashing’s.  We can inspect for proper installation of flashing’s and roofing materials.  If repairs or cleaning is needed our repair estimator will give you a contract to get your roof ready for every season.

We look forward to your call!

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