Do you Re-Roof only in the summer time?

Do you Re-Roof only in the summer time?

At Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. we Re-Roof year around – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. The best time to Re-Roof your house is whenever you are ready. Whenever you are ready – we are ready. Take advantage of a free Re-Roofing estimate and we can discuss the life of your existing roof and your options for a new roof.

Rainy Season Re-Roofing:

Although we at Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. are fully insured for your protection; with our many years of experience we take every precaution in the winter time and never tear off a roof without sufficient time to get the roof watertight – this involves close communication with the homeowner and weather services. When it comes to your home we always play it SAFE. A few days of rain delay will not dampen years of quality.

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