Concrete roof tiles are too heavy for my roof?

Concrete roof tiles are too heavy for my roof?

Many tile manufacturers offer lightweight roof tiles including BarTile, Eagle tile, MonierLifetile, and US Tile.  Go to our Useful Resources page to find links to those different roof tile manufacturers.  Let’s crunch numbers to see if indeed these tiles are too heavy for your roof.

MonierLifetile and Eagle lightweight roof tile manufacturing companies offers a variety of lightweight roof tiles that range from 560lbs per square to 720lbs per square.  US Tile’s clay lightweights are also in the range of 590lbs per square.  Most lightweight roof tiles will range in the 560lbs – 720lbs per square.  A “square” in roofing is a 10′ x 10′ area.  (You could also say these tiles range from 5.6lbs – 7.2lbs per square foot.)

Is that heavy?  “Heavy” is generic term typically used in comparison to “lighter” things.  Let’s compare different materials and you can come to an educated decision on what is heavy.

  • Wood Shakes – Between approx. 300lbs – 500lbs per square
  • 30 year Asphalt Composition Shingles – approx. 240lbs per square
  • Lightweight Concrete/Clay Roof Tile – approx. 600lbs per square
  • Midwight Concrete Roof Tile – approx. 720lbs per square
  • Standard Weight Concrete Roof Tile – approx. 900lbs – 1100lbs per square

Based on the quick observation a lightweight concrete roof tile is about double the weight of a shake roof. Here is where it gets interesting. Although not recommended by Brazil Quality Roofing, Inc. it is legal (see your local building codes for details) in many area’s of California and across the country to install three (3) layers of composition shingles on a roof.

Three (3) layers of 30 year Asphalt Composition Shingles at 240lb per square per layer = 720lbs per square. This is heavier than some lightweights and as heavy as the heaviest of lightweight(sometimes called midweight) concrete roof tile.

In light of this – it is feasible that some of the lightweight tile roofs in your own neighborhood are less of a load on a house than some of the composition shingle roofs in your neighborhood.
With all lightweight roof tile installations (in the Sacramento area – see **Note below) a Licensed Structural Engineer is required to provide a report to pull a permit showing any areas in the house that need structural reinforcement. Most homes need minimal reinforcement. The cost of the report is reimbursed for the most part by the tile manufacturers.

Still concerned about the weight of lightweight concrete roof tile? Need more information? Give us a call at (916)357-5930 or click CONTACT US! We look forward to hearing from you.

**Note: Some areas in California do not require a structural engineers report for roof tiles weighing less than 6.0lbs per square foot.  Check with local building codes for details.

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